A. Razeq Alimy

Specialist in anesthesia, pain therapy and acupuncture
Medical director of the Eilenriede Clinic in Hanover
Medical director of the Institute for Anesthesia, Pain Therapy, Acupuncture and OP Management at the Eilenriede Clinic in Hanover


Since 2014Hygiene officer at the Eilenriede Clinic in Hanover
Since 2013 Moderator of the Quality Circle for Anesthesia in the Eilenriede Clinic in Hanover
Since 2009Medical Director of the Eilenriede Clinic in Hanover
Since 2008Chief Physician in the Department of Anesthesia, Pain Therapy, Acupuncture and OP Management at the Eilenriede Clinic in Hanover
Since 2005OR Manager at the Eilenriede Clinic in Hanover
1992-1999Further training in anaesthesiology, intensive care medicine and pain therapy
KRH Klinikum Nordstadt
1994-1997Medical director of the HSD (Helicopter Special Service) at Hanover Airport
1991-1992Further training in anesthesiology at the Braunschweig Clinic
1990-1991Further training in anesthesiology at the Sophien Clinic in Hanover

Professional qualification

1994Recognition of the area designation of rescue medicine by the Medical Association of Lower Saxony
1996Recognition as a specialist in anesthesiology by the Medical Association of Lower Saxony
1998Qualification certificate Senior Emergency Physician
Working group of emergency physicians working in northern Germany
1999Curriculum for special pain therapy MHH
1999Recognition of area designation for special pain therapy by the Medical Association of Lower Saxony
2000Proof of qualification Acupuncture Diploma A medikolleg
2002Proof of professional qualification Acupuncture Diploma B Chinese Center Hanover and the medical college of the East-South-North University of China Beijing
2002Qualification as a transfusion officer
2004Proof of specialist knowledge in palliative medicine from the Medical Association of Lower Saxony
Basic course in psychosomatic basic care by the Medical Association of Lower Saxony
2007Recognition of area designation for acupuncture by the Medical Association of Lower Saxony
2012Basic training for moderators for quality circles of the Lower Saxony Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians
2013Advanced course for ultrasound-assisted nerve blocks in anesthesia and pain therapy
2014Basic course for hygiene officers doctors Nds. Hanover State Health Office
2014Basic course for hygiene officers doctors Nds. Hanover State Health Office

Continuing Education Authorization

2002Authorization for further training special pain therapy and acupuncture
2012Authorization for further training in anesthesiology 18 months


  • Lower Saxony Medical Association
  • German Society for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine
  • German society for pain therapy
  • Professional Association of Qualified Medical Experts Germany e. V
  • Kieser Training GmbH Germany
  • Quality circle pain therapy QuaSt KVN Hanover

My range of services

On this page you will find an overview of my main areas of treatment:
I have specialized in anaesthesiology, pain therapy and acupuncture. I would be happy to make my knowledge available to you and answer your questions. You can be sure from the start that your treatment will be supervised with the necessary anesthesiological expertise beforehand and during the implementation.

Outpatient and inpatient anesthesia
Before an operation under anaesthesia, a discussion with an anesthetist from our anesthesia team is always obligatory. During the anesthesia consultation, we will inform our patients in detail. For every possible anesthetic technique, we consider whether it makes sense for our patients. The careful discussion of personal risks and possible benefits is an essential part of the preliminary medical consultation.
Before the anesthesia is carried out, the patients are immediately examined again by me and explained about the chosen anesthetic method and the course of the anesthesia.
The anesthesia is initiated together with an anesthetist or an anesthetist. We stay with the patients for the entire duration of the operation and ensure their safety and well-being. Close monitoring is used to avoid the risk of reduced cerebral blood flow. For example, the EEG (brain current measurement) provides information about the depth of sleep. With the help of the INVOS oximeter, we can avoid an intraoperative insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain.
We are convinced that modern anesthetics are safer than ever.
In this way, we guarantee our patients a high safety standard for anesthesia, a painless post-operative stay in our clinic thanks to specialist medical standards, the most modern anesthetic machines and monitoring, as well as suitable medication.

Special pain therapy for chronic pain patients
The main task of our team – in addition to administering the anesthetic – is the planning, treatment and supervision of pain treatment for acute and chronic symptoms as well as postoperative pain therapy.
In principle, we treat all patients who suffer from pain. What kind of pain it is is initially of secondary importance. The majority of our pain patients suffer from headaches, back pain, arthrosis, herpes zoster, somatoform pain disorders or complex regional pain syndrome.
The following important pain therapy procedures are used to treat pain patients: Administering medication according to the guidelines for pain therapy and according to the WHO grading scheme, epidural injections for back pain and spinal disc damage, infusion therapy, nerve blocks, neural therapy, TENS, psychological support, medical strength training, acupuncture according to certification A – and B diploma.

By pricking needles at precisely defined points in the skin, disorders inside the body can be eliminated or alleviated. The acupuncture points are all located on lines called meridians. According to the ancient Chinese view, the so-called life energy with its YING and YANG components circulates in them. These two life-sustaining forces are active in the body at the same time, but as opposite poles. Your complete balance in the organism
represents the ideal state of health. An imbalance leads to illness over time.
We use acupuncture to treat headaches (migraines), back pain, allergies and hay fever, knee problems such as arthrosis, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), obesity and smoking cessation.

contact details

Eilenriede Klinik Hannover
Uhlemeyerstraße 16
30175 Hannover

Phone: 0511 8 66 45 01

Consultation time

Our office hours are available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Wednesdays and Fridays from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.