Highest level of competence for your health

The Eilenriede Klinik Hannover is one of the leading medical facilities in Germany. Here you can rely on top services in cutting-edge medicine.

The competent team of internationally renowned specialists with many years of interdisciplinary experience treats and cares for our patients professionally and with great empathy. In addition, state-of-the-art technology and the continuous development of high quality standards guarantee the outstanding medical level of the clinic.

Close and trusting cooperation with all pre- and post-treatment doctors is important to us. The result is a maximum of competence and safety for your health.

Many satisfied patients confirm the excellent work and quality of our house.

The competent team of internationally recognized specialists with many years of experience in their specialist fields will advise and treat you in detail. Regular further training of the medical team ensures the high and up-to-date medical standard of the clinic. State-of-the-art technology characterizes our operating and monitoring rooms as well as the intensive care unit: maximum safety for your health.

The Eilenriede Clinic has stylish, comfortable 1-, 2- and shared rooms.

Sincerely, your Eilenriede clinic team