Emergency management is an important part of the Eilenriede Klinik Hannover. Regular event and situation-related employee training is mandatory for us.

Emergency management training on Thursday, September 18th, 2022 and on Friday, September 19th, 2022!

Laser therapy in vein medicine

Endovenous lasers for vein diseases

Endoluminal laser therapy is now one of the standard procedures in the treatment of venous diseases. Our aim is to constantly improve endoluminal laser therapy in terms of safety, flexibility and efficiency. This is done through close exchange and more than ten years of cooperation with the leading vascular clinics and vascular specialists. Each component of our laser systems is optimized due to the cooperation with the world’s leading companies in the field of fiber optics, laser and medical technology with the latest laser technology.


The gentle technology for efficient fat reduction without surgery and without downtime

The state-of-the-art gentle technology of CoolSculpting achieves efficient fat reduction through the cold effect alone – without surgical intervention. The fat cells are gradually and sustainably broken down by the effects of cold.
The non-invasive procedure was originally discovered by scientists from the famous Harvard University. It is considered a true revolution in aesthetic medicine in the USA. The gentle method has proven particularly effective for the permanent reduction of stubborn fat deposits on the stomach, hips and back.
CoolSculpting has been clinically tested and offers maximum safety with optimal results. More than a million applications have already proven it – and numerous VIPs have also made unloved love handles disappear with CoolSculpting.