Highest level of expertise in the treatment of vein diseases

Healthy and beautiful legs for a lifetime.

The Venenzentrum (Vein center) Hannover in combination with the Venenzentrum Braunschweig are among the leading vein clinics in Germany and carry out many highly specialized vein operations every year.

The Venenzentrum Hannover is particularly focused on the treatment of varicose veins of all sizes.
In addition to a perfect medical result, we attach particular importance to the aesthetic demands of our patients.
Scar-free surgical procedures make it possible to meet these requirements.

In the medical care center (MVZ) affiliated with us at Emmichplatz, in Eichstrasse 2, patients of any insurance company can get an appointment for an examination.
Let us advise you on the current treatment options from medical specialists.
Constant training and our high level of experience with over 42,000 satisfied vein patients in the last 25 years are a guarantee for every vein patient.

Here you will receive a therapy that is individually tailored to you, such as minimally invasive endoluminal thermal ablation procedures (radio wave ablation / laser therapy) to eliminate varicose veins, which usually saves you the groin incision. Our credo is to achieve a perfect medical result and therefore to get a particularly beautiful aesthetic result as a side effect. However, we also carry out the conventional surgical treatment methods (stripping operation).

In addition to varicose veins of all sizes, the focus of treatment also includes the smallest spider veins and the somewhat larger branch varices, which can usually be eliminated by sclerotherapy.

Another focus is the diagnosis and treatment of arterial circulatory disorders, such as B. the p AVK ( “ smoker’s leg “ ) and open legs in chronic venous disorders. The Venenzentrum Hannover has the latest and best personnel, technical and equipment options to eliminate varicose veins of all sizes efficiently and with the best cosmetic results.

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(MVZ am Emmichplatz, Eichstrasse 2, 30161 Hanover).


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