In our practice for general medicine, we offer you general medical, family doctor and naturopathic services. Our goal is to help our patients both in the treatment and in the prevention of diseases in the long term – and to do so as holistically as possible: We use the well-founded and comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic options of classic general medicine. In addition to this, we offer you therapies from various areas of naturopathy. This allows us to develop a therapy concept that is tailored to you personally from a variety of treatment methods.

Our diagnostics and treatment focuses on the areas of angiology, endocrinology and diabetology, gastroentorology, hematology and internal oncology, cardiology, nephrology, pneumology and rheumatology.

The areas of internal medicine and general medicine are located directly opposite the Eilenriede Clinic in the Medical Care Center (MVZ) on Emmichplatz.

Main areas of activity

Classic general medicine
naturopathic treatment
Integrative pain therapy in diseases of the musculoskeletal system
Treatments for stress disorders, burnout, depression and anxiety
Allergies, gastrointestinal diseases
Range of services:

Medical care for the whole family
Health check-ups, skin cancer screening
DMP diabetes, CHD, COPD and asthma
Vaccination consultation, travel medicine advice
Nutritional advice, micronutrient therapy
Naturopathic treatment, e.g. B. with allergies, susceptibility to infections, gastrointestinal diseases, back and joint diseases
Medi-Taping, neural therapy, bioadaptive impulse therapy (Physiokey)
Classic homeopathy
Psychosomatic basic care, advanced training PEP© according to Dr. Michael Bean
Help to cope with stress, burn-out or depression
Analysis of the autonomic nervous system
Medical laser therapy
Treatment of spider veins
Analysis of the autonomic nervous system (checking heart rate variability)