Whether kidneys, bladder, prostate or genitals – our urological practice offers the entire diagnostic and therapeutic spectrum for diseases of the urinary and genital organs. With numerous diagnostic procedures and modern forms of therapy, we treat our patients professionally and competently for all urological complaints.

We treat urological tumor diseases, stone diseases of the upper and lower urinary tract and inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, e.g. B. acute and chronic urinary tract infections and urinary incontinence (bladder weakness).

Our services:

Our diagnostic and therapeutic spectrum includes

  • the urological ultrasound examination including transrectal examinations
  • the ultrasound-guided removal of tissue samples to detect or rule out malignant diseases
  • the endoscopic diagnostics, d. H. Reflection of the urethra and bladder
  • Diagnostics and therapy of hormone and potency disorders
  • cancer screening
  • Follow-up care for urological tumor diseases
  • female urology
  • The urology department is located directly opposite the Eilenriede Clinic in the Medical Care Center (MVZ) on Emmichplatz.