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Dr. med. Birgit Fahlbusch

Specialist in urology

The spectrum of urology includes u. the following diseases

Urology-Oncology: prostate carcinoma, bladder and kidney tumors, testicular cancer
Stone diseases of the upper and lower urinary tract
urinary flow disorders
Inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, e.g. B. acute urinary tract infections and recurrent urinary tract infections
Urinary incontinence in women and men
Functional disorders of the bladder, urethra and female genitals
Complaints related to sexual intercourse

The diagnostic spectrum includes:

urological ultrasound diagnostics including transrectal examination
the ultrasound-guided removal of tissue samples to detect or rule out malignant diseases
the endoscopic diagnostics, d. H. Reflection of the urethra and the bladder
Diagnostics and therapy of hormone and potency disorders
Minor urological surgical interventions
cancer screening
Follow-up care for urological tumor diseases
female urology

Urological diseases are not only diseases of men!

Due to the anatomical conditions, women are much more frequently affected by cystitis than men. In certain phases of life, recurring urinary tract infections occur, mainly in women, which mean a real burden on life with a massive reduction in quality of life. The so-called „irritable bladder“ with a constant, tormenting urge to urinate is also a typical female urological disease that impairs the joy of life.

Urinary incontinence – the unwanted and uncontrollable loss of urine – is also a significant problem for many women. Many women prefer to talk to a woman about this disease than to a man.

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