Dr. med. Andreas Heckmann

Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery

dr medical Andreas Heckmann is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Hanover and Celle. He has been supporting our team with his skills in the field of plastic and aesthetic operations and treatments since October 2015.

dr medical Andreas Heckmann studied human medicine in Hanover and specialized as a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery. He is also a sought-after specialist in the field of hand surgery.

Immediately after his studies, Dr. medical Andreas Heckmann shared his technical and practical knowledge in the practice of Prof. Axel Mario Feller in Munich. Here he practiced for two and a half years as a plastic and aesthetic surgeon. Renowned clinics in Hanover followed. These include the Hannover Medical School (MHH) with Germany’s largest university department for plastic surgery and the Eilenriede Clinic. In Celle he practices as medical director of aesthetic plastic surgery in the General Hospital (AKH).

His years of experience and regular training courses ensure that he is always up to date with the state of the art and treatment methods . One of the most important requirements for his job is the ability to empathize with his patients. „We are dealing with a wide variety of people, with very individual wishes, but also with fears and worries,“ says Dr. medical Report to Andreas Heckmann. He is known for his great empathy and always has one clear goal in mind: to help people to a new quality of life and to make them happy with his work.

In his job, he swears by absolute risk minimization – especially when it comes to operations, he doesn’t allow himself any experiments. In his private life he loves speed: He is passionate about motorcycling and skiing. He is also a self-confessed gourmet. And he also likes to recharge his batteries with classical music, with his family, with friends and when travelling.