Office hours in Eichstr. 2/entrance Hohenzollernstr. (not in the Eilenriede Clinic!)

Dr. med. Dirk Barnstorf

Specialist in surgery and vascular surgery, endovascular surgeon

The spectrum of vein medicine includes the following treatments and interventions:
The Eilenriede Klinik, in cooperation with the Medical Care Center at Emmichplatz, has a specialist department for vascular diseases – a modern and innovative specialist department specializing in venous diseases and arterial circulatory disorders.

Modern, gentle medical devices for detailed diagnostics and subsequent therapy, combined with many years of experience in the field of vascular diseases and the competent practice team, enable you to receive individual advice and treatment.

Let yourself be convinced of the possibilities that today’s technology in combination with specialist medical specialization has in store for you. Constant further training and a high number of treatments guarantee every patient optimal therapy, particularly gentle, effective and with the best cosmetic results.

In addition to varicose veins of all sizes, the main areas of treatment include branch varicose veins and the smallest spider veins, which are treated using sclerotherapy and targeted laser therapy. Another focus is the treatment of arterial circulatory disorders and lymphedema diseases.